XR650R front 15T sprocket protector/guard

I decided to reduce torque in my Pig and mount 15T sprocket instead of OEM 14T.  Sprocket calculator says that moving from 14/48 to 15/48 will reduce torque by +7.1% and increase speed by +7.1%. What about sprocket diameter?

  1. r=\frac{14T}{2*\Pi}
  2. R=\frac{15T}{2*\Pi}

XR’s 520 chain we can find pitch size (one chain link length) equal to 5/8″ (15.875mm).


14T radius = 35.372 mm and 15T radius = 37.899. It makes 2.529 difference in radius.


OEM chain protector was to small for 15T sprocket (at least in my humble opinion). I got help with CAD drawing and payed whole 1.5$ for laser cut of 4mm thick plate.

Download DWG file

Customized over originalChain_guard_custom_over_oryginal

Original over customized


Freeplay distance between guard and chain


Paper thick distance between guard and clutch lever.


Final look after powder paintingChain_guard_final_look


XR650R Vapor Trail Tech assembly

 Component list

  1. Magnet- two magnet types: bolt and little magnetic disc. Only disk works for my XR650R
  2. Water Temp Sensor – 22 mm external diameter
  3. Water Temp Sensor clamps
  4. Power Lead/Ignition coil cable (both are same)
  5. Handlebar mounts
  6. Vapor
  7. Power Lead/Ignition coil cable (both are same)
  8. Magnet Sensor



Magnet mount

Set contains two magnets: bolt like and small break disc hole sized. You can find both mounted below (bolt first on right).



Magnet installation manual says to avoid in lining with magnet sensor

Do not mount so that the magnet passes the middle section of the sensor. Either
the sensor will not register at all; or the sensor will register twice, causing a
“double trigger” effect (computer displays twice the true speed.)

xr650r_vapor_trail_tech_inliningProblem is that non in line bolt doesn’t work at all. Only disk hole do.



Magnet sensor mount

Drilling screw hole for magnet sensor




Temperature sensor mount

Coolant temperature sensor should be connected between engine and thermostat. Remove rubber pipe.


Remember that engine connector goes inside pipe. Keep distance (ie 45 mm) to avoid conflict between sensor and engine connector.
xr650r_vapor_trail_tech_temp_sensor_4 xr650r_vapor_trail_tech_temp_sensor_5 xr650r_vapor_trail_tech_temp_sensor_6

And finally engine temp sensor mounted.xr650r_vapor_trail_tech_temp_sensor_7Coil sensor/Tachometer mount

Ignition Control Module (under seat) and Ignition Coil (under tank) are connected with two wire line: Green (Minus) and Black-Yellow (Plus). I soldered red Vapor cable with Black-Yellow coil cable.


For black Vapor i used connector. Everything tightened with coil’s minus bolt and original green wire.xr650r_vapor_trail_tech_ignition_coil_ground




Osmand – how to upload custom tile map

Once you generate your custom map using MOBAC (Mobile Atlas Creator) copy map to ……/osmand/tiles directory. You can use local phone memory or external sdcard memory. (NOTE: since Android 4.4 Osmand might have issue with sdcard access. In case of issues please use local phone storage)


Start Osmand and go to settings


Select plugins and enable Online map support. Don’t be deceived by “Online” label. This plugin will enable your offline map.


Go one level up to main settings and you will find new section called “Online maps”. Select “online and tile maps” (another plugin “master switch”). Select “Tile map source”. You should find your custom map listed here.


Now you can navigate over base map and find your customized area:


Depends how much tile layes has been downloaded (map below contains14 layes) you can zoom in for more detailed view.




Iceland maps


Pictures below are for comparison purposes only. I applied strong JPG compression and make some detailed titles unreadable. Each picture represents Reykjavik area

I was searching for good paper Iceland map. Yesterday i got chance to rewiew few.

Marco Polo 1:750 000

It’s my favorite graphic. But maybe i just got used to classic maps. ISBN: 9783829738620


Freytag & Berndt 1:500 000

Main advantage are petrol station marks. You can find here some other POI. ISBN 9783707913200. I can understand if someone dislike this color pattern. Another Freytag & Berndt map 1:400 000 represents same detail level. It’s only slightly larger.


Vegaatlas 1:200 000



Very detailed. Highest precision. Below legend with all supported marks. Everything described in four languages: Icelandic, English,  French and German. ISBN: 9789979672098 9789979672099




Tail seat bag overall look

Tail seat adventure bag by

I bought recently rear seat bag made by 21brothers ( Main site has limited description that’s why i decided to publish some more details here.

Product quality is very high. Lot of additional mounts and straps

Tail seat bag overall look
Tail seat bag overall look

Both ends has additional cordura like layers. You don’t need to afraid that bike fall will wear out bag.

Tail seat bag top
Tail seat bag top

Straps are stitched all the way

Tail seat bag side strap, and side strengthen surface
Tail seat bag side strap, and side strengthen surface

Central point has additional hooks. You can mount bag two ways. Either use hooks or main strap

Tail seat bag central straps and hooks
Tail seat bag central straps and hooks

At the bottom you have bottle pocket. Two ends, two pockets. Additional velcro strap protects bottle from fall.

Tail seat bag - additional bottle holder with velcro strap
Tail seat bag – additional bottle holder with velcro strap

All stitches seamed. This is back side of mount straps.

Tail seat bag - waterproof seams in details
Tail seat bag – waterproof seams in details

Strengthen seat part

Tail seat bag - internal look (waterproof seams)
Tail seat bag – internal look (waterproof seams)

Strong big tooth zip will survive highest loads. One drawback here. It’s not fully waterproof zip. It’s designed to hide behind flap (see bottom of picture). I’m not sure what is market availability for waterproof big tooth zips. Maybe it’s available only for smaller zip’s that’s why it’s not here.

Tail seat bag - main zip
Tail seat bag – main zip

XR650R Pannier system

Together with Pete we spent whole sunday creating pannier system for my Honda. I ordered base frames from Michał Merta ( Piotr welded everything together and build fantastic system.


Left down tube has been connected with side stand. We decided to make additional hook. This arm surrounds side stand plate. Screw keeps it on place, it’s not taking much pressure.

Another look of left tube

Right tube uses one side stand bolt. This is very thick flat (6mm) so angle should not change under pressure.

TKC 80 vs Heidenau K60

Below you can compare quite popular almost equivalent tyres:

  • Continental TKC 80 150/70 18”
  • Heidenau K60 140/80 18”
Direct tread comparison

TKC depth: 11mm

K60 depth

K60 depth: 11 mm

K60 depth

If you ever wonder how much your bike will go up with 140/80 insted 150/70, below you can find radius difference: 24mm. So rear wheel will go up 12mm after 150 -> 140 change.

Width difference between sizes

Things I never found in internet